Historic Courthouse


Historic Hunterdon County Attorney Office

From the bare wooden floors that remind one of the mandated austerity of the Depression years to the ubiquitous ash trays and wall fans that reveal a world without air-conditioning or health warnings, one will feel a real sense of having stepped back to an earlier, yet still very-recognizable law office of the early 20th century. County maps and sepia-toned photographs of then-presiding Judges and founding partners further identify this law office as a Hunterdon County law office.

Few counties in this State can boast of the rich legal history that our county lays claim to during its almost three – hundred year history. From Revolutionary intrigues to the ‘Trial of the Century’, lawyers have played a pivotal role in the history of Hunterdon County.

As an appropriate acknowledgement of the legal profession’s presence and participation in Hunterdon County’s history, the Hunterdon County Bar Association is seeking to re-create a typical early 20th century law office, furnished with authentic artifacts which have been generously donated and/or loaned by members of the Bar (or their families). In this manner, it is anticipated, that generations to come, when visiting our historic Courthouse can also peek back into another era and get a sense of exactly what comprised a typical country lawyer’s office during a very special bygone era.